What Are you Feeding the Universe?

Everyday, when you go out there, when you are on your social networks, when you interact physically, when you talk to your families and friends, when you are busy on your mobile devices, when you  open your mouth at anytime, when you think about anything, when you get offended, when you are blessed, when the times are tough, when no one cares, when you don’t get answers to your wishes and prayers… at anytime and anywhere, what are you feeding the universe? Universe will give you back, what you feed it.

So, be wise, and feed the universe with best of Godly attitudes in you, enthusiasm, Faith in God, peace with all men, good words out of your mouth, good thinking – good energies from you – love, forgiveness, peace, self-belief, “I can do good stuffs attitude” and many more. Remember, you get back in plenty, what you feed the universe with it? – FO