that bombard your mind and tell you—“You can’t!” You can have great ideas of what you want to do, but if excuses keep you from acting, nothing much will change. There are innumerable excuses why you can’t do something and only one really great reason why you can. You can do one important thing to change today because God said you can. Philippians 4:13 says, I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”

Pride. Pride tends to hold the belief that one way is the best way. Pride can come from anywhere. It can come from us as leaders believing we know best. Pride can come from our team who believes they have the best answers. Overcoming pride means letting go of control and being willing to listen and learn.
Fear. Fear can drive most any aspect of life. But, fear most often comes from a negative emotion and response, and the results tend to be negative as well. When fear drives us, it becomes a hinderance to growth and strength. Face your fears head on, with honest and transparent understanding.
Comparison. This is a deadly trap. You will absolutely waste your potential if you are pursuing someone else’s dream or vision.And, your success and the success of others will always be different. Comparison is a distraction and drains the necessary energy needed to effectively lead change.
Ignorance. This should be an obvious enemy of change, but it usually is not. If you deal with pride, ignorance is it’s closest companion. If you assume your way is best, you will often forego the counsel and wisdom of others. Learn to listen, take time to read and always be willing to admit weakness or failure.