Children of Promise

The ministry will train children in the vital areas of the ministry such as choir, dance, drama etc., and help them develop Christ like character.
To help them learn to serve others, to show them ways to share Jesus with others
To make coming to church fun and desirable

Youth Fellowship

To develop and promote spiritual growth.
To promote social activities for teenagers to fellowship together as teenagers for Christ.
To provide a forum to address the struggles that teenagers experience inside and outside the church.

Women of Virtue

Women of Virtue is the women’s ministry of RCCG Amazing Grace, and the ministry is strategically positioned to utilize and harness all talents, gifts and resources to build up women in the body of Christ. The mission is to reach out, empower and edify all women.

Men’s Fellowship

To promote the spiritual growth and development of men.
To disciple men for Jesus and to them fulfill their God-given purpose in life.