Ignore the Downers! Don`t Allow Anyone To “Down” You!

Ignore the downers
Ignore the downers

Downers are synonymous with depressing substances but believe me there are many people we come across or associate with, who may represent downers in our lives! I got nine words for you concerning the downers, “Ignore the Downers, they ain’t good for your lifting”. Downers are those, who write you off in any ways. They may be your best friends or your worst enemies. A downer is a downer!

A downer may be a bully of your potential and dreams – who writes you off because of your present situation, level, or status! A downer may be a majority that will not give you a chance because you belong to the minority. It may be a Pastor that talks down or insults the members under the assumed cover of “Pastor’s office”! He or she  may be an husband who sees his wife as  an “empty brain” or wife who sees her husband as “not smart enough” type!  They may be fathers or mothers or parents that do not believe in their children for a good thing or those that write off one child and encourage the other child! They may be your friends, who do not believe in your ideas because of any reason of theirs! A downer may be anyone that passes negative energy to you through words or actions. Downers are like cancers that decay good cells in the body!

Downers get no power over you! They can “down” you but you are in control to either accept their negative energy or ignore them! In fact, if it`s possible, avoid them like a plague! Downers are selfish, arrogant, and destructive. So, ignore them all and keep believing in the best that is created in you by God! You do not need their permission to use your potentials! Start your ideas or break the ice for your dreams right now!

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